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1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (31/300)

At the time I didn’t consider this a big RAK, but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how big of a kindness it could have been. While at my little cousins birthday party, a made a conscious effort to hang out with my teenage cousin for the majority of the party. None of my other cousins were there so she didn’t have anyone to talk to. I tried to keep her entertained by chatting with her and I was also making a point to include her and make her feel important. I purposely went out of my way to do things with her and talk to her like a friend would. I gave her some “cool” tips and advice, we joked around, we complained about the same lame things and mostly, I was just there to listen to her and show her that she’s valued.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (32/300)

Instead of trying to make money on some of the stuff I no longer had a use for (CD’s, DVD’s, PS2 games etc), I just posted them on Kijiji for free. I couldn’t believe the response! Within minutes I had people contact me and within a couple of hours, everything I had posted had found a new home.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (33/300)

I donated 5 pairs of our old prescription glasses and sunglasses to One Sight so that I can help others in need, see. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (34/300)

Although our queen-sized bed was still in fantastic shape and was only 7 years old, my husband and I finally gave in and bought a king-sized bed. What to do with the old queen bed? Give it away to someone in need of course! That someone just happened to be a very nice co-worker of mine who has been sleeping on the same crappy, cheap mattress for the last twenty-plus years. Both he and his wife work their butts off (so they deserve the awesomeness of an expensive, pillow-top, newer mattress), plus they don’t have a lot of extra money so they would never have been able to afford a new mattress. (I asked him how it was after a few nights of sleeping on it and he said that he and his wife haven’t slept that good in years. They absolutely love the mattress and that makes me so darn happy!) 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (35/300)

A friend of mine really likes to ride his bike but recently it completely fell apart and he doesn’t have the money to buy a new one. As luck would have it, I just happen to have a practically brand new bike sitting in my garage just waiting to be ridden. After much persuasion for him to take the bike for free, he happily accepted and rode off into the sunset (well, not literally, but you get the idea ;))

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (36/300)

I donated a big box full of construction items (including a bunch of brand new outlets and covers, plumbing “stuff” still in the original packaging and a brand new light fixture.) to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (37/300)

While dropping off my stuff at the ReStore, I saw a mom and daughter struggling with a big rolled up piece of carpet. I went over to them and asked if they needed help opening their trunk or something. Unfortunately their keys were in their pocket so they had to put down the carpet anyways but at least I tried. 🙂 

4. Adopt a donkey  

I finally make the call and became a ‘Friend of the Sanctuary’. Here is my adorable little sponsor mule Ginger. Isn’t she too cute? 🙂 

Ginger was admitted to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada farm in late 2006. At the time she was 5 years old and she had lived for 18 months in a petting zoo in Eastern Ontario. When the farrier was brought in to trim her hooves, he hobbled her, which made her panic. She was then forced to the ground and restrained further. The experience filled her with terror and, from that point, she refused to allow anyone to touch her. Her hooves were left to grow and eventually they became so long that they turned up at the ends. 

When the owner of the petting zoo realized that the little mule would have to be tranquilized in order to have her hooves trimmed, he contacted the local SPCA because he did not want to spend the necessary amount for such a procedure. In turn he was referred to the DSC and he requested that she be admitted to the Sanctuary. 

Shortly after her arrival at the Sanctuary Farm, the little mule, who was named Ginger, was examined and then our farrier was called to begin treatment on her hooves. His quiet and gentle technique was effective. Gradually, she calmed down enough to undergo the initial trimming. 

Nowadays, Ginger lives amongst the small herd of mules at the Sanctuary. Although she is small, she does not allow the larger mules to push her around. She is a spirited, lively little mule. 

Rock on Ginger, rock on!

5. Donate money to Jumpstart  

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a wonderful charity that funds different sports and recreational activities for kids in need. I think this is a wonderful cause so I was more than happy to donate my hard-earned money to help support the kids in my community.


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37. Participate in a ‘Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” adventure day each month for an entire year (2/12)

Adventure host: me

Adventure activity: Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour

Adventure location: Collingwood, Ontario

Adventure date: July 24, 2011

Adventure time: 8:30am

Additional info: wear running shoes or hiking boots

On Sunday, my mom and I completed our second adventure day for my “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone” project. Since my mom hosted the last adventure, horseback riding, it was my turn to come up with our exciting activity. I chose  the Scenic Caves Eco Adventure.

We started our day by waking at 5am. A 2 hour drive, a bathroom break and a Tim Horton’s stop later we arrived at the Scenic Caves in Collingwood, Ontario. We began our adventure by signing our lives away on their heavy duty waiver. We then got fitted with a fancy harness with ropes and carabineers, a totally nerdy helmet and got the big weigh-in before heading out to our “intro meeting”.

Our 3 hour Eco tour started with a walk across a 410 foot suspension bridge overlooking a 10,000 square kilometer view of Collingwood and Georgian Bay. The bridge was completely unsteady, swaying back and forth as you walked along it (with the added help of our tour guide throwing his full body weight into it to get it moving really far).

The view was simply spectacular though and the fear of constantly losing your balance was a nice introduction to what was awaiting us at the next stop…

We hopped on a little tractor and wagon ride for a trip up through the forest to the starting point of the treetop walk. High among the 200 year old oak trees, up to 60 feet above the ground, were sixteen10-inch wide bridges (aka wood planks) suspended up in the treetops travelling 600 meters across the forest.

Not only were we dealing with a very small platform to walk on, the obvious height apprehension, but to top it all off, these “bridges” were only held up by suspended cables so they swayed all over the place causing us to constantly readjust our balance and hope for the best.

The first bridge was only about 15 feet off the ground but as we went from bridge to bridge, the angle continued to rise so by the end we were up 60 feet in the air, balancing on the little swaying planks.

After the sixteenth bridge we arrive at a small platform where we got to enjoy a ride on a 330 foot zip line through the trees. The instuctor hooked us up to the cable above, told us to climb down the ridiculously steep stairs and then told us to simply step off the stair into thin air. Seriously?!? I honestly didn’t think I would be able to jump off by myself. Doesn’t that go against human nature? Who does that?!?

Well I did it and I loved every second of it! It was so much fun!!! After that first step (or in my case, the big “push-off”), we were thrown through the air at such a fast pace that we were at the end before we even knew what happened. All we could say was “Awesome, can I go again?!?”

After everyone else in the group had their turn on the wicked-sweet zip line, we all loaded up in the tractor wagon again and were taken to the Scenic Caves Lookout Point where you can see forever! The view was simply amazing!

After that we headed down into the caverns and crevasses below where we could see trees and rare ferns growing right out of the rocks!

All that was pretty nifty but I was ready to move onto the very scary, very awesome big finale! The 1000 foot long zip line from the top of the Niagara Escarpment was just calling my name! As if the looming drop wasn’t enough to scare the pants off of you, they had to place this sign next to the jump point, just for some added hilarity!

My mom almost chickened out on this jump but I made sure to pester her enough to get her to go. And go she did…

Next, it was my turn and I was soooo ready! On the count of three…3…2…1 JUMP! And there I am sailing safely to the ground after one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! Best. Day. Ever!

Overall, this was a FANTASTIC adventure. I thought I would be really scared as I am afraid of heights, I’m afraid of free falling and unsteady 10” wide planks are certainly not on my list of “fun activities” but I had a frickin’ blast!!!!!!!! I am most definitely going to do this again…hopefully sometime soon! 😀

Adventure day #2 = Success!

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1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (21/300) 

While purchasing a $75 dollar gift card from Home Sense, I was asked if I wanted to donate some money to charity. I was paying with $80 in cash so I just told the cashier to take the change ($5) and donate that to the charity.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (22/300) 

I made an adorable compliment poster and hung it up on the community mailbox in my neighbourhood. I plan on making more of these and hanging them around town. I think we are bombarded with enough ads and services, it’s time to find posters that brighten our day instead of ones that ask for money. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (23/300)

My friend was telling me that she has been using the same crappy purse for a few years because she is trying to save up all her money to buy a house. What a perfect opportunity; I just happen to have a practically brand new Guess purse that I no longer use so I promptly gave it to her.  

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (24/300 – 29/300)

Read about my RAK #24-#29 here, completed as part of the awesome yearofkindness Kindness Mission.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness (30/300)

It was my little cousin’s birthday party today. My aunt, a single mother or two, doesn’t have a lot of money so I bought all the drinks & ice for the party so she didn’t have to spend the extra cash. 

3. Officially register to become an organ donor

As I mentioned in my July Happiness Project Update, I recently registered to become an organ donor and it was so, so simple! I thought I’d have to fill out all this paperwork but after seeing a commercial on TV advertising a website to register, it was made so easy. All I needed was my health card. I went to the website (beadoner.ca), clicked on “Register Online”, filled in my health card info, my date of birth, checked off the appropriate boxes (transplant only & all organs) and clicked the little box to “consent”. That was it! It only took a minute of my time and could potentially save 8 lives!

13. Eat at 6 new restaurants (1/6 – 3/6) 

So far I have tried 3 new restaurants. Two were just the normal run of the mill family restaurants (St. Louis and Fireside) which were both good but the best one was a tiny little family run Indian restaurant (Classic Indian) that was recommended to me by a co-worker. This place rocks! Not only it is super cute, small and intimate but the food is incredible! They have the best Mullugtwany soup, super tasty samosas and spring rolls, plus the main dishes are equally as appetizing (the servings are huge too so you easily get two meals out of them).

75. Sign up for a drawing class

I signed up for a drawing class through the same place I’m currently taking my painting classes. The teacher is great and I’m really enjoying the way she runs her classes so I decided to give her drawing class a try too. I had my first class on Tuesday and so far, so good. It is definitely challenging, as I like to break all the rules when I draw, but I think in the end I will become a much better “artist” when I learn the proper techniques.

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1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (9/300)

A woman contractor that I occasionally work with is usually quite harsh and standoffish. Although most other people dislike her because she comes across snobby and condescending, I think deep down that there is a nice, insecure girl under that arrogant mask. So when I was told I had to work with her, because no one else would, I made sure to welcome her with a big smile and gave her a big, enthusiastic compliment on her new shorter hair style. I could tell that she was definitely taken back by my compliment and I can proudly say that she was all smiles for the rest of the afternoon.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (10/300)  

I don’t like to kill innocent insects as I feel that they have every right to live a full life too. So when I find a stray fly zipping around my house or I see that creeping spider climbing up my walls, instead of smacking them dead with a shoe, I humanely catch them with a cup and piece of paper and let them go free outside (or in my garage if it’s cold outside).

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (11/300)  

Every single day I fill up my bird feeder in the backyard. Those little buggers make one heck of a mess, I have no grass growing underneath the feeder because of all the spilled seeds and it sure isn’t cheap to fill it each and every day but I love doing it. When I can look out my window and see over 20 birds pecking away at the feed, or even the occasional chipmunk, squirrel, bunny or duck eating the dropped seeds, I know that I’m doing one small thing to help out those little animals in need. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (12/300)  

A good friend of mine has a wife that I no longer get along with. We used to be really good friends but as time passed, I started to see a different side of her that I didn’t like so we have since parted ways and no longer speak to one another. I had a big bag of good, expensive makeup that I no longer wanted so I decided to put our differences aside and offered the bag to her. She was quite surprised and seemed very appreciative that I would do that. Frankly, I was a little surprised at myself too. I find it easy to do nice things for people I like and even for most strangers but there are a few people in my life that I really dislike and those are the ones I find hardest to be compassionate and kind towards. I’m really happy that I got over my aversion and could choose to be kind.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (13/300)

It was my husband’s 31st birthday last week and as a nice surprise for him, I organized a surprise get together at a local bar/restaurant for all of his friends. He was completely fooled and was incredibly happy that I would go through all that effort to plan a party for him.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (14/300 – 15/300) 

Last week while buying some makeup and skin care cream, I performed two RAK by complimenting the cashier on doing such a great job and by engaging the little old lady behind me in conversation. I shared some of the ‘tester’ suntan lotion I had with her and she shared the good news that she recently had cataract surgery and no longer needed her glasses.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (16/300)

On Canada Day, since we had the day off with not much planned, my husband and I decided to take our two dogs swimming for a couple of hours. Now this may not seem like a big kind act but if you had to deal with the dog hair in the car, the scratching to get out once they see the water, the sand throughout our entire house afterwards and the inevitable double dog bath the next day, you’d understand that taking them swimming is not in my best interest. They, on the other hand, couldn’t have been happier and that made the whole ordeal totally worth it.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (17/300)

I was playing at a local park with my “little sister” on the weekend when we noticed that there was litter all over the place. It appeared that a few kids decided to have a little party there and set off fireworks the night before but they didn’t clean up after themselves. We certainly couldn’t leave all that litter lying around so for the next 10 minutes or so, we picked up every little wrapper, plastic cup, used up sparkler and firecracker remnants that we could see and placed it all in the garbage can next to the park. I’ve always been adverse to picking up litter as it seemed like such a big commitment but after doing it, I realized that it really doesn’t take much time to turn an ugly playground into a beautiful, safe, clean one.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (18/300)

Yesterday at work I noticed one of the office ladies was wearing a beautiful bright blue sweater that looked wonderful on her. In my attempt to share good thoughts, I decided to get over my fears and insecurities and I spoke up. As she passed me by, I opened my mouth and said “That colour looks fabulous on you!!!” I could see that she could barely contain her excitement as she blushed, said thank you and gave me the biggest smile. I hope I made her day. 🙂

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (19/300)

Yesterday I took it upon myself to clean up some broken glass I found on the floor. It didn’t take too much time or effort but I hope I prevented someone else finding it and potentially hurting themselves.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (20/300)

Unless the driver is being totally reckless, I always make a point of letting cars in when driving on the highway or down my city streets. If I’m near a driveway entrance/exit, I will also stay back so that any other cars can get in/out without me holding them up.  

21. Take a family photo

I attended my little brothers’ graduation last week so it was the perfect opportunity to get a family picture. We all look a little awkward in the pic but at least all of our eyes are open, we are all looking at the camera and we look so nice all dressed up. 🙂

30. Organize my iTunes and download all my songs to my iPod

Wow, this took a lot longer than I had anticipated but I stuck with it, deleting all the crappy or non-locatable songs and uploading all the new cd’s I’ve picked up over the last few months. Now I have all my favourite songs uploaded to my iPod and all the remaining songs are nicely organized on my iTunes.

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1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (4/300)

I hold doors open for people all the time. Whether they are in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller, carrying lots of stuff or are simply coming up behind me, I always make sure I take the extra second to hold the door. Since I do this on a regular basis, I will only be counting this as one RAK.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (5/300)

Another thing I always do (it’s almost an obsession of mine) is picking up little snails that are hanging out on paths or sidewalks and putting them at the edge in the grass where they can be protected from oncoming boots, sneakers and bike tires.  

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (6/300)

As I was exiting the elevator last Thursday, there was an elderly woman with a walker about to get on. I could tell she was a little slower moving than most so I stood back and kept a hand on the elevator door so it wouldn’t begin to close on her as she was getting on. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but I’m sure she appreciated it.  

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (7/300)

Each day I bang on my patio door or go outside and chase away the wildlife in my backyard before I let my two big dogs outside. It may not seem like a big RAK but I’m sure the squirrels, birds, ducks, groundhog and bunnies appreciate the warning instead of feeling the horrific shadow of golden doom come racing up behind them.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (8/300)

Every week I bake muffins for my husband to take to work. This week I made extra and brought them in for my co-worker, whom I know loves delicious sweet treats. He was very happy to receive my little snack and I’m happy that I got to help out my hungry colleague.

57. Canoe the Grand

On Sunday I spent four glorious hours paddling down 20km of the beautiful Grand River. The day was just perfect! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, the scenery was spectacular, I got some much needed fresh air, saw a bunch or neat wild life, spent some quality time with my husband (and best friend in another canoe) and got a fabulous free intense workout (which I love!). I added this to my Day Zero Project simply because I wanted to ensure I did it at least once. I will definitely be making this a routine hobby of mine from now on though as it was just fantastic!

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37. Participate in a ‘Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” adventure day each month for an entire year (1/12)

Adventure host: my mom

Adventure activity: unknown

Adventure location: unknown

Adventure date: June 11, 2011

Adventure time: 1:30pm

Additional info: bring rubber boots

On Saturday, I completed my very first adventure day for my “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone” project. My mom wanted to host our first activity so I was completely in the dark. After numerous failed attempts at potential adventure activities, she finally found one that worked and booked the date. I was told the date/time and to bring rubber boots. No other information was given. 

My mom told me we’d have to leave by 12:30pm (so I would think the location was at least 45 minutes away). We then proceeded to go to the pharmacy, stopped at Tim Horton’s for a quick bite to eat and even made a stop at a garage sale. She was definitely stalling and I couldn’t figure out why. Eventually, after several minutes of me hounding her that we’d be late, she drove us to our adventure site. Only 5 minutes from my house! Sneaky woman! 

As we pulled into the driveway, I immediately knew what we were doing (since I drive by this place every day). We had arrived at a local horseback adventures ranch and were about to ride horses for the very first time!!!!! Well, this would certainly be an adventure! I would definitely be getting out of my comfort zone, that’s for sure! I was quite terrified to say the least but my mom was also scared so I was reassured knowing that we’d be doing this together.
My mom had booked us in for a half hour lesson before we were to take to the trails so at least I felt that I wouldn’t be riding blind. However, once the horse dude brought our two HUGE horses into the training area, all reassurance went out the window. Those suckers were massive and they didn’t look too friendly either. Sure they were cute and all but I’ve heard enough horror stories from my horse-owning co-worker that I didn’t trust these large animals. After much you-go-no-you-go banter, my mom took her leap up onto the first horse while I stayed safely on the ground taking pictures. Before I knew it, it was my turn to mount the great beast. I put my big ol’ rubber boot into the stirrup, lifted my leg up over his huge back and sat down in the saddle. Wow, was I ever high! A fall from this height would certainly hurt!

We were told some very basic instructions to guide the horses (pull the rein left or right for direction, pull back and say “whoa” to stop, and a little click, swift kick and “walk on” should get them walking). Now I was ready to ride. I clicked my tongue and gave a number of “walk on’s” but my stubborn horse wouldn’t budge! I was then told by the horse dude that I needed to give him a hard kick to get him moving. I thought, no way, that’s mean (I’m such a sap!). He kept repeating it so I gave a light little tap with my one foot. My horse stood still. Eventually the horse dude grabbed him hard by the rein and yanked him into walking. Once we were moving, it was easy. A little tug to the right to take the corner and a quick pull and loud “whoa” to get him to stop. I could handle this. Until he wouldn’t move again. This big bugger was a lazy one (which I thought was probably much better than a wild hyper horse). After half an hour of the guide starting my horse and me steering him around the barn, it was time to join the others for our trip down the trail.

There were 5 other horses with riders and I was placed smack dab in the center of the group. As the first few horses started moving, to my amazement, my immovable stallion started following. No need for a swift kick after all. 🙂


We started out going down a terrifyingly steep, rocky hill, through some muddy foot-wide trails along a dirty creek and finally out into the open field. I was at last getting used to this big boy. Sure, he didn’t give a damn if I tried to pull him left out of the prickly bushes and he flat out ignored me when I tried to steer him up the easy side of the bank but he didn’t freak out and throw me off like I was expecting. His head was up the horses butt in front of me more often than I liked, he took a slight detour off the path to take a leak and he got kicked in the face by another horse resulting in him jumping around 180 degrees but I made it to the end with only minor injuries (they should really make padded saddles!). I made the final dismount with minimal difficulty, took a few pictures, said my goodbye to big Whiskey and waddled on my way. 

Overall, this was a great adventure. I was scared, I overcame my fear (for the most part), I tried something new, I got outside for a couple of hours, I had a lot of fun and I learned that I am braver than I thought. 🙂 

Adventure day #1 = Success

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Yesterday I realized that I have been putting a lot of emphasis on the size/effort/cost of the random acts of kindness I carry out or want to carry out (hello perfectionist in me). I was personally defining a RAK as something that took a lot of effort or more importantly, required money…buying flowers for someone, paying for their coffee or meal, creating random gift bags or notes and cards. Pretty much, I defined it as something that you have to plan ahead to do. 

In one of my upcoming happiness project months, I will be devoting myself to 30 days of RAK. In my Day Zero Project, I have also committed myself to completing at least 25 missions for Secret Agent L. The list of ideas I have so far, more often than not, includes some sort of cost. I am finding it to be very overwhelming and discouraging. I really want to do good deeds but when it comes to actually spending my hard earned money, I clam up. I don’t have a lot of extra money to begin with, so to spend a bunch of it on complete strangers with no idea if it will be appreciated is difficult. I know doing good things for others makes me happy but when it comes to handing out my money, I start to feel resentful…certainly not the mood-booster I was hoping for. 

I decided to look up the definition of RAK to see if I was correct in my understanding. This is what I found:

The Wikipedia definition is: “A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or in some cases an animal. There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier.”

Hmm…it doesn’t say anything about spending money or undertaking a grand endeavour. Interesting.

Does that mean a simple smile and “hello” is adequate? Holding the door for someone or saying “have a great day” is kind enough? By this definition, it is. This means that I’ve been performing kind acts this whole time and I didn’t even realize it! Mood-booster activated! Yay! 

As I sit and ponder this whole idea, I’ve come to understand that the reason I didn’t think the things I’ve been doing are “kind acts” is simply because they come natural to me. I honestly just think holding the door for someone or letting the oncoming car merge into traffic is common courtesy. I just couldn’t imagine not holding the door if someone is coming, that just seems so rude and unnatural. But is it? It being kind natural for most people? The more I think about this, I realize that if someone else holds the door for me, or performs another simple kind gesture, I am quite surprised, am grateful and I most certainly think that they are being kind. So why don’t I see the good in my actions when I do them myself? I think that might just be a whole different post topic…

Back to the point. This new definition of RAK makes me very excited! Not only does it make things seem a whole lot easier and less overwhelming but it makes me want to do even more. I’m so pumped that I have decided to increase the number of RAK I have listed on my Day Zero Project from Complete 30 random acts of kindness (0/30)”  to “Complete 300 random acts of kindness (0/300)”!!! And as an extra awesome bonus, off the top of my head I can already think of three kind acts I have done in the last couple weeks. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (1/300)

A couple weeks ago I was in line at Michaels, a local craft store, with a basket full of stuff. The man behind me had only one item. Without even thinking about it, I just told him to go ahead of me in line. I didn’t think at the time that it was a RAK; I simply thought it wasn’t very fair or nice for him to have to wait for me to go through with all my items. It turned out he didn’t even want to buy that item, he only needed a price check so he was in and out in 20 seconds. Certainly no big deal on my end but probably quite a nice gesture from his perspective.

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (2/300)

After my meditation class on Friday night, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some bags of chips for my husband and his friends (I suppose that may constitute as a kind act in itself). When I was checking out I noticed that the cashier was in a very bad mood. I know that bad moods usually escalate if others become infected by the negativity and I certainly didn’t want to ruin her night even more by acting grumpy in return, so instead I put on my biggest smile, said a big thank you and wished her a great night. She didn’t respond to my positively in any visible way but I hope that I at least didn’t make her night any worse. 

1. Complete 300 random acts of kindness. (3/300)

My “little sister” and I were waiting in a very long line to use the porta-potty at Donkey Day yesterday. There was a woman behind us with a little girl (maybe 4 or 5 years old) and she had to pee really badly. I could hear the mom reassuring her, over and over, that they were almost there. I turned around and noticed that the poor little girl was actually crossing her legs and holding herself. I quickly asked my “little sister” if she could wait an extra minute to let this little girl go first. Of course she said yes, so I promptly informed the mother that they could have our spot in line. The mother was absolutely astounded that we would do such a thing and was incredibly grateful, thanking me again and again. The best part: my simple act of kindness encouraged all the others in line to also let this little girl go first. 🙂 

I now know that an act of kindness does not need to be extravagant, take a lot of effort or cost any money, it is simply doing the right thing in the right circumstance. As Wikipedia said, it is merely a selfless act … wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual…. Pretty simple eh?

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